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Duration : 0:9:56

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25 Responses to SKETCHY TRUCK STOP BALLOON! (7.22.10 – Day 448)

  1. azza13mad says:

    golden eye 64 😛
    golden eye 64 😛

  2. Gintare7 says:


  3. hotdogg1998 says:

    7:13 chipmunks in …
    7:13 chipmunks in the background??

  4. JosephtehAlpaca says:

    I thought the …
    I thought the things in the machine were candy when I was little…..

  5. 1XXXJTXXX says:

    hard core

    hard core

  6. rarrbaby says:

    I …

    I used to play that game ALL the time with my now brother in law and we would have a BLAST playing it with my sister and their friend!
    SUCH a boss game.
    I do miss it, even though my eye-hand-controller coordination has disappeared and is now returning. lol

  7. rarrbaby says:

    When I was a …
    When I was a little girl and I would go into the public women’s restrooms, there would be Chapstick(ooohh yay!) and feminine napkins.
    And every time I would see “feminine napkins” I would ask my mom, “Why do they sell feminine napkins? Why don’t they just say napkins?”
    Then she would laugh at me.
    As I got older, things clicked and now I know why they’re called ‘feminine napkins.’
    Mmyeah… -.-

  8. Liisawh says:

    @yoshi3602 Have …
    @yoshi3602 Have you ever heard about sarcasm?

  9. yoshi3602 says:

    @Liisawh this was …
    @Liisawh this was recorded in 2010 1 year ago of course i dosent scroll because it was a year ago

  10. Xamantu says:

    MCR ftw
    MCR ftw

  11. Wiialoooc says:

    MCR ftw
    MCR ftw

  12. odinson3171 says:

    Golden Eye 64!!
    Golden Eye 64!!

  13. Liisawh says:

    It doesn’t scroll …
    It doesn’t scroll :(

  14. AnimeNerd26632 says:


  15. tvrule says:

    Has charles done …
    Has charles done the chuck norris I’m feeling lucky one?

  16. wantondon says:

    golden eye 64 is …
    golden eye 64 is hands down better

  17. ALWisser says:

    The one time I got …
    The one time I got a phone call and it said it was from like 2020 or something. I got it back in like 2007, so crazy!

  18. PetChucacabra says:

    I thought Pad …
    I thought Pad dispensers were sweet dispensers lol

  19. paulbroland says:

    i like yer dog
    i like yer dog

  20. MultiCerebral says:

    Css died in this …
    Css died in this day!

  21. itsmemarioooo says:

    black pegasus is …
    black pegasus is better than sandstorm

  22. rarrbaby says:

    Goldeneye 64.
    Even …

    Goldeneye 64.
    Even the VIDEO games are better than the movies, imho.
    And i’m not even an avid gamer. I just played it with my in-laws a few years ago. Pretty dang awesome game. (:

  23. rarrbaby says:

    MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE- HELENA was the first music video I saw from them. Fell IN LOVE with that song and now am a fan of MCR for life<3

  24. rarrbaby says:

    the comments don’t …
    the comments don’t have the waterfall action on my computer. :c

  25. KoalaCammie says:

    mcr <3 ftw!
    mcr <3 ftw!

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