Anti-Mortem – Truck Stop Special (HD)

On December 8, 2011, in Truck Stop, by admin

Directed by Clark Deal.

Track produced by Pirated Sounds Studio.

Shot on location in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Very special thanks to the guys in Anti-Mortem for feeding us a wonderful dinner on Easter Sunday. Y’all are the BEST!!!

Much appreciation to Provo, Grande, and Kari for lending your time, your energy, and your patience for this project.

Check out ANTI-MORTEM on facebook:

Duration : 0:4:20

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25 Responses to Anti-Mortem – Truck Stop Special (HD)

  1. mcrue16 says:

    Where can i get …
    Where can i get this song? It’s not on iTunes!

  2. 3Royce says:

    Haha, the video is …
    Haha, the video is exactly 4:20

  3. NORMANHIGH405 says:

    wreck the halls …
    wreck the halls 2011!!!!:)) decemebr 10th diamond ball room:)

  4. Ahelm12 says:

    Hell yeah!!! Real …
    yeah!!! Real Metal like it should be!! Love being from right around the same town as them! of a song!!

  5. supermeme4 says:

    they are from …
    they are from chickasha! i live in chickasha! i feel so special. they are going to be at droverstock. im pumped!

  6. smitty221905 says:

    Hahahaha don’t make …
    Hahahaha don’t make me laugh, watch more of their videos live etc….before you make any comparisons to anyone. Post your video of your band and let’s see how many views and positive comments you get in 7 months. And Justin beiber or lady gaga don’t count as music, that’s all studio

  7. clubamericalara22 says:

    @0DR1V3R0 i mean …
    @0DR1V3R0 i mean they do get rep here, bcuz SOMETHING has to come out of oklahoma…but the rock scene in general is declining. well at least this style of music is so generic same goes with those other OK band, nine left dead same repetitive BS. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

  8. antimortemvideo says:

    We hit 20,000 views …
    We hit 20,000 views that’s pretty kick thanks everyone

  9. TaBAScoBel says:


  10. 7stieb7 says:

    @SimplyTheBest316 …
    @SimplyTheBest316 The Gutarist is my cousin

  11. mike96599 says:

    good job guys! Zain …
    good job guys! Zain you are a beast but your cousin jacob montgumery is a douch! haha been awhile since weve chilled but its nice to know that you guys made it! ill never forget watchen you guys play in chickasha! keep on kicken guys!!!

  12. AsphaltAngel36 says:

    Saw these guys in …
    Saw these guys in OKC with BLS and THC!! They were badass!! Never heard any of their music until that night, and I lOVE them!! Awesome they are from Oklahoma!! Keep rocking! \m/(-_-)\m/

  13. annelala19 says:

    Becca brought me to …
    Becca brought me to y’all. Since I don’t have a cd yet, & I want one really bad!! I had my iPhone hooked up to the dock and blared it through out my house. :)
    Love it

  14. ronnieradkeisbomblol says:

    Oklahoma bands kick …
    Oklahoma bands kick a– :) i love so much

  15. smitty221905 says:

    Yes we have heard …
    Yes we have heard of Aranda we’ve played with them and gonna play again with them and Staind on Dec 10th in okc…

  16. 3rdworlds says:

    @MrShepherdc never …
    @MrShepherdc never heard of aranda huh?

  17. Gauchanism says:

    wow they all got …
    wow they all got curly hairs woho amazing

  18. SimplyTheBest316 says:


  19. MrShepherdc says:

    Great to see a good …
    Great to see a good Oklahoma band again. Its been too long since anyone around here has been the next up and coming band. Awesome job guys

  20. Efarmer981 says:

    Went to see BLS …
    Went to see BLS Friday nite n you guys just blew me away!! Glad I bought ur shirts!! Wish I’d bought the cd. Got pics with Nevada which was cool. Hope y’all make it to the top!! Stay tight n hang in there.

  21. xXXxVioletNicolexXXx says:

    @ericcartman1251 …
    @ericcartman1251 Hey man, I went to that concert, too! 😀 It was awesome! We drove aver 100 miles just to see Black Label Society.. And I’m 12! I had LOADS of fun.. 😛

  22. ericcartman1251 says:

    Friday night I’m …
    Friday night I’m going to see Black Label Society and these guys are opening up!! My friend Chelsea knows the band, lol. But that was a badass song!

  23. PoisonxXxMe says:

    Hell yeah. Someone …
    yeah. Someone finally from Oklahoma… that kick ass.

  24. 2011ChickRocker says:

    I want a CD bad!!!! …
    I want a CD bad!!!!!!!!!

  25. 2011ChickRocker says:

    @upshot13 LOL I was …
    @upshot13 LOL I was just thinking the same thing

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