truck sale Thanks for checking it out i just can’t do what i want with it. I can Drive it but NOT mud it the way everyone else dose .. The Doc said my back is not that good to be doing all this it may get worse so I’m getting rid of it and moving on to the 4 wheeler and just putt around with it at the events to get video for you all to enjoy from other angels… check out our website at

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25 Responses to TheOutlawVideoSS Chevy 4×4 Mud Truck Up For Sale {SOLD}

  1. mudhunter01 says:

    how much
    how much

  2. TheOutlawVideoSS says:

    @mudhunter01 Just …
    @mudhunter01 Just sold it at the Begin of the Year after the first mud run it sold for 3 grand we went down on the price so we could get videos of it running this year

  3. mudhunter01 says:

    how much i might …
    how much i might buy it

  4. jacobcog says:

    im interested what …
    im interested what you want for it

  5. fish281000 says:

    Dam nice truck I …
    Dam nice truck I want it lol

  6. ArmandHammer14 says:

    Truck rules!, dont …
    Truck rules!, dont know if you will take my word for it, but i have seen “yoga” do wonders. I study exercise science, as gay as yoga sounds it works. Everyone should be able to do what they want in life just give it a thought.

  7. Badchevee1 says:

    what is for an …
    what is for an engine? cam specs, etc?

  8. sonoftaz says:

    that could be …
    that could be pisser’s new chevy plow truck : )

  9. ranchero302me says:

    dam dude your …
    dam dude your really selling dam well you make great vids anyways your truck was an added extra man. good luck im not gonna ask why your selling but u gotta do what u gotta do yeehhaaaaaawwwwww

  10. Justy330 says:

    I hear ya Pat, …
    I hear ya Pat, Sometimes watching is better then driving anyways. There alot you miss sitting in the cab. Sometimes I see videos of myself and say I did that? Jeez thats how that big rock dent got there. LOL

  11. weeblechunk says:

    you going to make …
    you going to make to the mega truck comp at yankee lake?

  12. TheOutlawVideoSS says:

    @outlawracer1000  …
    @outlawracer1000  The Mud will still Fly Here at TheOutlawVideoSS going to all the events Possible for 2011 and will post them all for you just like i did ion the past …

  13. Mr79FORDGUY says:

    that aint no …
    that aint no college kids truck there @Xlife93!!!!!

  14. carrabec99 says:

    @pisser20001 hey …
    @pisser20001 hey thats even better then you could use pats mud pit any time lol no transporting it anywhere ha ha

  15. outlawracer1000 says:

    Hee Patrick i …
    Hee Patrick i understand why you sell the mudtruck unfortunately but understandable,but keep shooting those video’s. They are great.

  16. Xlife93 says:

    @hondaracer194 yea …
    @hondaracer194 yea i know but he doesnt have rear lights

  17. ryanb788 says:

    I feel your pain …
    I feel your pain brother. It sucks having back problems. If you remember I got in a wreck in 2006 and my back has been messed up ever since. My wife’s is worse than mine. She had the surgery in her back and neck. After seeing what she went through and how she is now I’ll pass on going through all that shit. Glad to see the MudMamma is back ;) . Hope all goes well with yall.


  18. pisser20001 says:

    @carrabec99 I would …
    @carrabec99 I would love it,but if i bring home any more toys…i will be sleeping on pats porch…lmao

  19. carrabec99 says:

    surprised …
    surprised pisser20001 doesnt want your truck he could use it for his body shop in the making as a promotional rig at the mudd’in events lol

  20. rubypuppy7 says:

    why you sellin the …
    why you sellin the truck, making a new one or what??

  21. vasey420 says:

    i thought you were …
    i thought you were gonna have Danny drive it?

  22. 4431prw says:

    @hondaracer194 saw …
    @hondaracer194 saw a magazine article that they had a street legal jeep on 47′s in Cali.

  23. rekjavicxxx says:

    You’ll be doin …
    You’ll be doin more pushin that puttin at the events with that Popo ;) Just IMO….lol

  24. wade3767 says:

    how much i live in …
    how much i live in charelston ny

  25. TheOutlawVideoSS says:

    @pisser20001 I …
    @pisser20001 I have to do something beside sit on my and get stiff from not moving around lol

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