im selling my 96 dodge ram 1500 4×4 sport PICKUP TRUCK $1500 obo

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14 Responses to 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 Sport Pickup Truck FOR SALE

  1. budd14589 says:

    @sidneymailman yea …
    @sidneymailman yea i do miss the truck!! was a good the sound of a dodge v8

  2. sidneymailman says:

    I have this same …
    I have this same truck for sale. Mines black with black rims. Tell me, do you miss it now? I dont want to sell it but I know nothing about 46rt trans.

  3. budd14589 says:

    @chrismcbride1112 …
    @chrismcbride1112 sorry its sold…thanks

  4. chrismcbride1112 says:

    hey im looking to …
    hey im looking to buy a truck and i wanted to know if you are still looking to sell your truck if you still have it

  5. KyleSlaughter322 says:

    license i mean i …
    license i mean i have a permit atm

  6. KyleSlaughter322 says:

    if i had the money …
    if i had the money id buy it because next year i get a full license and need a vehicle of my own

  7. Concretehead01 says:

    I’d buy it but I …
    I’d buy it but I think you’re a little too far south . I’m in Ottawa ontario .

  8. SCHMULBACH22 says:

    @budd14589 twin …
    @budd14589 twin cites are the Minneapolis and st Paul area of Minnesota. learn something new every day!

  9. budd14589 says:

    @TheOutlawVideoSS …
    @TheOutlawVideoSS thanks yea good truck just need something better on gas …long drive to work every day

  10. budd14589 says:

    @ArmedWithAniTouch …
    @ArmedWithAniTouch thanks man 

  11. budd14589 says:

    @SCHMULBACH22 im …
    @SCHMULBACH22 im close to rochester ny,not sure of where the twin cities are?lol

  12. ArmedWithAniTouch says:

    id love to have it …
    id love to have it but im in tennessee. great looking truck, fix the rust and it would be gorgeous. im sure you can get 15 out of it. goodluck buddy

  13. SCHMULBACH22 says:

    i live in the twin …
    i live in the twin cities area, how far away am i?

  14. TheOutlawVideoSS says:

    It’s worth ever …
    It’s worth ever penny to that thing runs good man and 4×4 trucks at this time of the year are heavy in price it will sell its just Xmas time tax time everyone will want it i’m telling you but maybe it will sell before then.. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE 

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