Over $70K spent! Complete photo documented no expense spared restoration, fresh 460cid V-8 @ 370hp, C-6 automatic, Dana front + rear axles w/ posi, complete chassis detail, $14K just in body + paint, mirror finish Midnight blue metallic paint, all new grey cloth interior w/ matching carpets + headliner, ceramic coated dual exhaust, 20 Hoss XD chrome alloys w/ Mickey Thompsons, polished air-conditioning, Concept One polished pulleys, absolute 1st place winner!


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25 Responses to 1978 Ford Crew Cab 4X4 Show Truck FOR SALE HD HI DEF

  1. FreezEntertainment says:

    Bad. ASS.
    Bad. ASS.

  2. rednecksean433 says:

    that bed rug looks …
    that bed rug looks like ass

  3. thephunkmiester says:

    beautiful truck :)
    beautiful truck :)

  4. Norco5327 says:

    holy 48 grand …
    holy 48 grand for the body and paint..

  5. redneckrollercoast1 says:

    @GhettoNinjaMan fag
    @GhettoNinjaMan fag

  6. MrTpengineer says:

    @BigHoss3030 78, …
    @BigHoss3030 78, square headlights bud.

  7. jonnycash890 says:

    @BigHoss3030 part …
    @BigHoss3030 part way thru 78 they changed to square ones

  8. lukebrockf120 says:

    late model 78’s had …
    late model 78’s had square headlights too I GOT ONE

  9. lukebrockf120 says:

    late model 78’s had …
    late model 78’s had square headlights too I GOT ONE

  10. BigHoss3030 says:

    Its a 79 the …
    Its a 79 the headlights are square. 78’s had round headlights

  11. GhettoNinjaMan says:


  12. ehrod83 says:

    ever nice …
    ever nice …

  13. ACZxGalm2 says:

    I’d lower that back …
    I’d lower that back to the stock ride height, put some 16″ black steelies on it, and roll in it for years.

  14. Four03skate says:

    i smoke in all my …
    i smoke in all my trucks, but i wouldn’t smoke in this

  15. antz350 says:

    first off we are …
    first off we are going boy it strip the interior and sell those looking rims, take off the gay up pipes and flowmasters no one likes tht bullshit and run straight pipes, take tht gay rug uall got in the bed and put some sprayon bed liner down

  16. buritos121 says:

    ruined the truck …
    ruined the truck looks nice but still looks like shit. the they did to it are not for that truck. this was built for some rich in california

  17. HARDKORE003 says:

    nice truck!!! but …
    nice truck!!! but this guy dont have any idea of what is talking about !!

  18. stephmc111 says:

    bigger mirrors, …
    bigger mirrors, some running lights, and a roll bar
    dont for get the cb

  19. joebeckham says:

    @ps3dethman1 One …
    @ps3dethman1 One was for sale in my area about a year ago for $10k. It had new paint and tires from what I saw. There’s no way it was fully restored though. Maybe refreshed engine, new shocks, new seat covers, etc.. all the stuff you SEE, but not the stuff that gets worked on a day-to-day basis.

  20. BlacKFooT5594 says:

    sounds good
    sounds good

  21. Bowtiesare4lilboys says:

    @ndubb1 if you get …
    @ndubb1 if you get 20s wid low pros on this truck then it looks bad but 20s and those mickeys are sexy…prefect fit.

  22. xxtallcottonxx says:

    @ndubb1 agreed
    @ndubb1 agreed

  23. ps3dethman1 says:

    @asssface2000 seen …
    @asssface2000 seen em go for 25k not fully restored. crew cabs are RARE

  24. ps3dethman1 says:

    dana 44 front??!?!? …
    dana 44 front??!?!?! wtf weak

  25. joker33284 says:

    how much is/was it?
    how much is/was it?

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