When it comes to truck tie downs, most of the products are pretty heavy. One piece of 1/2”x20′ Grade 70 Transport Chain usually weighs 54lbs, one 3/8”x25′ G7 binder chain weighs 38lbs, one 1/2”-5/8” ratchet binder weighs 16lbs, and I can give you more examples like these, but you get the idea. For a lot of truckers to do online shopping for tie downs, the shipping charge is the biggest hurdle for them to get a decent deal, even the products are cheaper than B&M stores, the shipping will kill the deal. What if you can get the lowest prices in town for the tie downs and enjoy the free shipping at the same time? Is that possible?

Actually it’s possible for truckers to get low cost heavy duty tie downs and enjoy free shipping at the same time, you probably will ask “How is that possible”? First let’s see who’s offering this kind of really nice deals, just search for “ratchet straps free shipping” or “binder chain free shipping” or similar terms on google, in first a few results you will see a few vendors are offering “free shipping”, but some of them are just the words combination, not real free shipping, their results are there only because on their pages there are combination of “free” and “shipping”, not “free shipping”, in fact there is only one vendor offers real free shipping for all items, and the criteria is pretty simple, you only need to order $50 or more stuff you will get free shipping.

But how? How can they offer free shipping on items like 1/2”x20′ or 3/8”x25′ grade 70 binder chain while keeping the price competitive? It seems that it’s impossible to offer competitive price with free shipping, because the shipping charge is way too much for the price to cover. But the reality is that there is one vendor who is offering free shipping, but how do they do it? According to Manufacturer Express(http://www.mfrexpress.com), it’s pretty simple, they use USPS priority flat rate box to ship the chains and some other heavy tie downs, since post office flat rate even works for Alaska and Hawaii, people everywhere in US can enjoy the low cost and free shipping. The most difficult part is how do you put the chains in those flat rate boxes, ME people told us they have their way to do it and 99% packages arrived without any issue. That’s pretty impressive I have to say.

If you want to score a decent deal for tie downs online, don’t forget to add “free shipping” to your search term!

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Truck Chains and chain binders are tough tie down equipment , both chains and binders are made of carbon steel, their working load limits are higher than their straps counterparts , if we compare 5/16” grade 70 chain(typical WLL 4700lbs)to WLL 3333lbs 2” ratchet tie down straps ,  3/8” chain(WLL 6600lbs) to 4” tie downs(5400lbs) , the grade 70 chains are stronger than ratchet tie down straps and the grade 70 load binders are stronger than grade 70 chains, 3/8”-1/2” chain binder has WLL of 9200lbs, which is much stronger than 6600lbs of 3/8” chains . If we examine the design factor of chains and tie down straps, we will see that chains and binders have 4:1 design factor while tie down straps have design factor 3:1, that’s another reason we consider chains and binders are heavy duty tie downs .

The National Association of Chain Manufacturer recommends that the steel which can be used to make grade 70 binder chains must have less than 0.35% Carbon, 0.040% Phosphorous and 0.050% Sulfur. When the material meets NACM recommendation, the manufacturing process are under strict quality control, and the final products meet or exceed  DOT requirements, you can put the chains and binders on your 18 wheeler and haul away .

We use these heavy duty chains and binders to haul heavy equipment, for instance, backhoe, bulldozer, forklift, these big rigs are tough or straps, we have to use steel chains to tie them down , the most popular chain size for these  kind of load are 3/8”, for some light equipment which is still too heavy and hard for straps 5/16” will be ideal chain size. 1/2” and up are mostly for really heavy stuff, for example, military applications, say to tie down battle tanks, you will definitely need 1/2” even 5/8” grade 70 chains to tie those bad boys down.

Grade 70 tie down chains can be used on anything but overhead lifting, you need at least grade 80 alloy chains for overhead lifting. We see people use transport chains to drag the trees, tow the docks, and to tie down the logs out of the the trees, you can go around to find more creative uses of these chains and binders.

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