Truck tie downs are not fancy toys, people use these safety devices for serious jobs, such as vehicle transportation, moving heavy machinery from one site to another, hauling steel wire rolls, etc., the quality and strength are the most important things for these tie-downs. When we look at tie downs we’re looking for reliable ones, we want the load on our trucks are safely secured, and don’t want people to see some funny tie downs on our trucks.

But there are always exceptions. Enter reflective ratchet straps. These reflective tie down straps are identical to regular ones, except there are 2 reflective strips on the webbing, in low light environment people can easily spot these straps, such as tie down vehicles inside container, flat bed trucks on the highway in the evening, of course we can go with regular straps with no obvious disadvantage, but if we can be safer with reflective straps why don’t we use them? You may think that these reflective straps are expensive, in reality they are just as cheap, each reflective one only costs a little more than the regular one, while you get the safety benefit by paying almost the same price.

There are reflective winch straps and ratchet straps available, two of the most popular tie downs for big trucks. Reflective winch straps are available for 4”x27′ and 4”x30′, reflective ratchet straps are available for 2”x27′ and 2”x30′, you can find these straps online by searching the term “reflective ratchet strap” or “reflective ratchet strap”.

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