The  assembly of ratchet buckle and nylon or polyester webbing is the ratchet straps. Usually people use nylon or polyester webbing to make the straps  , the safe load limit can range from less than 100lbs to more than 1000lbs , the width can range from 1” to 4” , usually we can see hooks, loops or chain extension at both ends of the assembly .

The ratchet buckle is primary made of steel, some buckles have plastic handles, some have aluminum handles, and there is one kind of buckle called one piece ratchet buckle, the handle is steel . Following link is the diagram of long wide handle ratchet : Ratchet Drawing .

Both nylon and polyester webbing are used to make the straps, but they have different characteristics, for shock absorption, we need nylon webbing and for tie down bulk loads we need polyester webbing straps, nylon webbing has better elongation than polyester while polyester webbing are stronger than nylon ones, in real world applications we need varieties, that is to say we need both nylon and polyester webbing  straps for different needs .

Webbing can also be coated with suitable materials that will change desirable characteristics, such as abrasion resistance, sealing to prevent penetration of foreign particles and matter, increased(or decreased) coefficient of friction, ultra-violet light resistance .

And the quality of the straps is the critical characteristic, to use these straps properly and safely is a must . Now how to find these straps with quality and low price? Usually your local dealer will have quite some varieties of straps, and the quality probably is OK but the price will be somewhat high . Actually there is a better way to acquire these straps, you guessed it, online stores are probably the best place to find wonderful deals, not most of the time but you will always find what you need, maybe not exactly but it will be close .

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