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Let’s check out flat bed trucks. A big portion of these trucks have truck winches installed at one side of the bed, the size is usually 4”, and these winches are anchor points for winch straps, both 2” and 4”.

When you put pallets or some other load on the truck bed, you most likely will tie them down with winch straps, one end of the winch strap will have a flat hook which can hook into one side of the truck bed, the endless end will go in to the truck winch, now you can use winch bar to tighten the winch strap with ease.

The deals for 10 4”x30′ winch straps:

MFR Express: $115.00 FREE SHIPPING + possible tax
TStop: $99.00 $25 or more shipping  + possible tax
UCControl: $129.99 $25 or more shipping + possible tax
CSRV: $156.90 plus shipping + possible tax
AnythingTK: $118.6 plus shipping + possible tax
Amzn Cheapest: $124.99 + $9.49 shipping

Other places may have vague or much higher prices.

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