Recently I got a pick up truck to move a lot of small things . Most stuff I have are things in cardboard boxes, luggage bags, shoe boxes, small chairs, hiking equipment , toy bikes , some loose toys , in a word, it’s a mess. In the beginning I believed that I could pack them well, in the middle of stacking I was totally lost. When I was looking at the dump site, I was just amazed by myself, I actually did this! I said to myself that there was no way I could go ahead like this, If I went on the road with the dumpster here were what would happen: you could imagine the whole mess would collapse onto the road and might cause accident, or before anything could happen I would be stopped by a police officer and get ticketed.

I had at lease two choices , I could start over and try to tidy them up and tie them down or simply find something to hold them together, to sum it up, I only need to find something to hold all stuff together and I would be good to go! Was that simple? Of course in this case we don’t need big tie downs like 10,000lb ratcheting straps or grade 70 binder chains,

The tie down is a really big product category, there are so many different kind of tie downs, but I only search for stuff for pick up truck, first I came across 1” ratchet straps, 6 or 9 feet, but with 2000 or 3000lb strength they were overkill in a sense, though there were not expensive at all, cam buckle straps were in the same shoes, all I found was too much for my simple application which was to hold things together, the 1” ratchet straps won’t be able to do anything to the huge mess, only would bring more chaos. Besides, 1” ratchet straps won’t be able to hold a lot small pieces together at all. Fortunately I found this darling cargo net , with the size 60”x84”(5’x7′) , which is a perfect match, just put the cargo net on top the pile then tie it down, you’re all set. With cargo nets come bungee cord , the bungee cords are just perfect for tying down cargo net, in fact the cargo net is made of interconnected bungee cords! In a nutshell, the small cargo nets and bungee cords are light duty tie downs made just for the purpose of holding together and tying down small but irregular loads such as the pickup truck mess in my case. There are a lot interesting use for these cords and nets, the only limit is your imagination. Cargo net and bungee cord are not the only game in town,  a lot of time you will see people have a load bar in their vehicle, you can use these cargo bars(lock bars or load bars) as trunk divider, stop stuff from shifting, almost everybody will need one at some point.


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