In the world of webbing tie downs for commercial trucks , the ratchet strap and winch strap are playing a huge role in securing truck load, cargo strap can be used inside the box trucks and on the flat beds , while winch tie downs almost in all cases are being deployed with truck winches on flatbed only . As we all know truck tie downs are much more than just ratchet straps and winch straps , for instance there are grade 70 chains , load binders, logistic strap , etc.

We’re not going to talk about regular tie downs but the reflective straps which have reflective strips on the webbing , in dark environment the reflective strips can be seen from far away , this sounds like a nice feature, is it? When it comes to safety, even 1 or 2 percent reduction of risk of collision should encourage people to get the reflective ratchet straps. Due the reflective tie downs are relatively new on the market, we don’t have much proof of safety benefits, though we can understand that if people can easily see the straps on the truck in low light, the probability of collision will be reduced.

Now compare the price of regular tie down to reflective tie down, get online you will find a lot of interesting information, a simple search tells us that the reflective ones are about 10% more expensive then non reflective ones, tie down straps are usually sold at $10-$12, reflectives will increase the price by $1 to $2 , IMHO it should be more expensive, spend extra 10 dollars or more to get 10 reflective tie downs is not bad, these straps will last more than a few months, the conservative estimation will be at lease 6 months, you almost spend nothing to get the security feature offered by reflective tie downs! If its me I will go all the way for the reflective straps.

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