When it comes to tie downs, you have to bear in your mind that there are totally different things, there are different kind of trucks, box truck, pickup truck, flatbeds, etc., they use similar or different tie downs, even for same kind of trucks, people probably will use totally different tie downs, say e track straps or plain ratchet straps for box trucks, so try to talk about generic tie downs is not a good idea, to make things simple, I’m sure you’ve already seen flatbed tie downs on the road, we will only talk about flat beds for the time being.

When the jobs come your way, chances are you are not going to decide what kind of stuff will be put on your truck, the only thing you can do is to prepare for all the options , it’s almost always not for you to decide what cargo will be on your truck. When it comes to flatbed truck , the first thing comes up will be the truck winches, you can see those flatbeds with truck winches at one side on the highway all the time, with those winches it’s easy for the driver to tie down loads with just winch straps with the help of winch bar .

Traditionally portable winch and winch straps are most popular tie down devices for flat beds . There is one thing indispensable for truck winch and winch strap tie down combination, winch bar, which is the tool to help you tie down the cargo on the flatbed, since you can only tighten the winch straps through turning winch barrel, this only can be done by making use of winch bars.

Some flat beds come with weld on winches installed, not all trailers have winches installed. Winch straps with winches on the flatbed can be used to secure pallets, machinery, steel coils, concrete pipes etc., with 5400lbs working load limit and the protection of plastic corner protectors these winch straps can tie down almost anything threw at them. Winch straps usually come with flat hooks, because we usually hook the straps on the edge of the trailer, of course the wire hook can be used too. There are 2” and 4” winches and 2” and 4” winch straps , depends on different needs , the length of strap can be 20′, 25′, 27′, 30′, 35′, 40′ or more than 50′ .

Now let’s talk about ratchet strap, which are the most popular tie downs. Actually the ratchet straps are just the assembly of ratchet buckles and tie down webbing, which can be nylon or polyester, the combination of different ratchet buckles and different straps gives us many choices.

Ratchet strap is most popular tie down equipment because of their adaptability , you can use them almost anywhere when it’s applicable. The ending comes with quite some varieties, flat hooks, wire hooks , chain anchor , snap hooks, endless and more. And it’s width can be 1” through 4”, length can be a few inches to more than 50′ . On commercial trucks ratchet tie downs are the most popular tie down devices for shippers , those flat bed trucks without winches installed will find ratchet straps pretty useful .

Before you get out or get online to buy these tie down straps , you will have to know how to get most out of them with less money , first thing to consider is the quality of the straps, maybe you know the local store stuff quality, when talking about websites you have to figure out by reading other people’s the reviews, trucking blogs, such as running tire , customer feed backs, or use alternate methods to make sure if the products and service are good or not.

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