When it comes to cargo securement, there is DOT rules for all kinds of situations, say for different kind of motor vehicles, different loads and different routes. For commercial trucks the rules are pretty strict, since all the big rigs on the road are potential threat to public safety, especially surrounding motorist, therefor thorough understanding of the tie down rules is essential for any truck drivers and shippers.

The generic rules are pretty simple, and only two important aspects are being considered, the weight of the load and the length of the load. You will need at least one tie down for articles 5 feet or less,  weigh 1100lbs or less, at least two tie downs for articles 5 feet to 10 feet long, irrespective of the weight, tow tie downs if the articles are 10 feet long, and one tie downs for every extra 10 feet or less, say the article is 15 feet long then you will need at least 3 tie downs, 25 feet you will need 4 tie downs at least, and so on.

The generic rules are pretty simple, though there is no mention of working load limit of the tie downs, the rules involving WLL called aggregated working load limit rules, we will discuss about WLL rules in next post.

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