When it comes cargo bar, we need to understand the big trucks use big cargo bars, such as 89”-105”, while the pick ups and SUVs use shorter ones, such as 40”-70” or 43”-75”, depends on the size of your vehicle. And these cargo bars can take different load, the big ones are stronger, their tube diameters are longer than shorter ones, ostensibly we need stronger cargo bars on bigger trucks.

The deal we’re going to introduce is about 89”-105” steel one piece truck cargo bar:

MFR Express: $29.95 order $50 or more for FREE SHIPPING

LodiMetal: $23.95 with minimum $12.94 SHIPPING

ShipperSupply: $21.95 with minimum $19.69 SHIPPING

E Trailer: $44.95 shipping extra, FREE SHIPPING for $150 or more

N. Tool: $34.99 plus shipping

Cargo Gear: $79.95 FREE SHIPPING


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