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Ratchet straps are popular tie down devices in trucking business, they come in a lot of varieties, width ranges from 1” to 4”, breaking strength can be 20,000lbs, like this 4” ratchet strap,  or less than 2,500lbs, like this  1” ratchet strap, of course the length can be anyone’s choice.

And these ratchet straps can be used to tie down so many things that it’s almost amazing. You can tie down the billboard with 1” ratchet straps, you can tie down vehicles with 2” ratchet straps, and you can tie down something special with 4” ratchet straps, and much more.

Since ratchet straps can be used virtually anywhere, and to use these straps are relatively easy, the market for these straps are quite big. There are a lot of places selling these straps, usually you can find 1” ratchet straps at almost any retail chains,  2” ratchet straps at specialty stores. But there is a better way to buy these straps, yes, buy them online can save you quite a bit most of the time.

It’s easy to shop online nowadays, just search through google or some other search engines you can find those online stores in a minute, usually place an order online only take 5-10 minutes, trip to a specialty store may take you more than a few hours of time plus all the costs(such as local sales tax) associated with it. Then there is shipping charge, I know the shipping sometimes can be discouraging, 2” ratchet straps assemblies can be pretty heavy if you buy more than a few. Actually you can buy these straps without paying a dime of shipping, just search “ratchet straps free shipping”, you will be able to find that www.mfrexpress.com actually offers free shipping on orders $25 or more, and this offer is good for all products listed on their website, including the binder chains.

But the deal doesn’t stop here, when you buy single ratchet strap assembly, you will have to pay higher price because there are shipping involved, even you qualify for free shipping, say you buy 2 or 3 ratchet straps, you will pay 2 or 3 tines of the single strap price, but they have boxed deal available, 2″ ratchet straps come in 10 in a box, if you buy a box of the straps, you pay almost 20% less and still get free shipping! Look at this 2″x27′ ratchet tie down straps w/ wire hook, it’s price tag is $14.99, 10 of these costs $114.99, it’s a 23% saving over single strap price! And you have  free shipping too! It’s quite amazing they can offer this free shipping thing, when you consider shipping cost are on the rise(Fedex and UPS all hiked their rates recently), this means more savings for our shoppers.

When I looked around, there are not too many online places offer free shipping on heavy items like load binders, ratchet strap assemblies, not to mention the qualification is mere $25 or more for free shipping, maybe they are the only place which offers free shipping on whole line of cargo control products.

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