There are a lot of online stores offer free shipping, all of the offers will have a minimum amount you will have to spend, this is common sense, no one can offer you free shipping if the total is only a few dollars. Another catch is the weight of the items in your order, almost all offers will have restrictions on the weight of the items, especially those online stores selling hardware, metal products,  such as binder chains, load binders, 4 inch ratchet strap, etc., these products are pretty heavy, for instance, 3/8”x20′ binder chain weighs 30lbs a piece, if you buy 4 pieces it will be 120lbs, add in the shipping cost you will effectively double the price of the merchandise, unless the retailer offer much higher price there won’t be free shipping for these heavy stuff.

Now how could it be possible to offer free shipping on these heavy stuff while keep the price lower than other online stores?

First thing you need to get stuff at low price without sacrificing quality, then you will have to be creative with your shipping. First point is common sense, we’re not going to discuss that, we will talk about how to ship heavy stuff with reasonable rates, especially the rates on binder chains.  Take 5/16”x20′ binder chain as an example, two pieces weigh 45lbs, we ask manufacturer to put a pair of chains in one box, and this box has to be able to fit the USPS medium flat rate box, now the flat rate box has fixed low rate compare to other carriers,  and this rate is good for anywhere USA, even Hawaii and Alaska, now we can offer the best price around and free shipping at the same time! Just think about how much you will save when you buy binder chains with free shipping!

Now you may ask what about those things which can’t be put into the flat rate box? Take load binders as an example, we offer low price with free shipping, and these binders are sturdy and heavy, what we did was negotiating with our carrier for a special rate for heavy packages, both of us will benefit from more sales, this is a win-win situation from all of us, the seller, the buyers and the carrier. So far we are able to offer free shipping for all of our products, regardless of the weight of the items.

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