When your load hit the road, you always have to secure the load in the first place, otherwise there will be dire consequences, be it stopped by police or the load got loose, punitive actions will be asserted. According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Cargo Securement Rules, “The intent of the new requirements is to reduce the number of accidents caused by cargo shifting on or within, or falling from, commercial motor vehicles operating in interstate commerce, and to harmonize to the greatest extent practicable U.S., Canadian, and Mexican cargo securement regulations.”, all motor carriers have to use tie down devices to secure their load to prevent load from causing accidents on the road.

The basic assumption of FMCSA rules are:

  1. 0.8 g deceleration in the forward direction;
  2. 0.5 g acceleration in the rearward direction; and
  3. 0.5 g acceleration in a lateral direction.

The rules are very specific on different kind of loads and cargo securement devices, all drivers have to follow the rules to secure their loads, or suffer the consequence, it’s very clear in the text and in practice, it’s the LAW, we have to follow it, for our own and other people’s safety. But in IT world, the safety rules are largely ignored.

Have a look at recent incidents, “Norfolk Computers Melt Down”, “Broad New Hacking Detected”, the Norfolk, Va incident is classical case of malware strike, of course, all machines infected are running MS Windows, the most insecure OS ever built by human being, and it will continue be the culprit on the Internet. The second incident is a hacking through IE security hole which exists in all version of IE on MS Windows, when carefully crafted malicious web page visited by IE the machine on which IE is running will be controlled by the crackers,  all security measures are off if the machine is inside the company firewall, now the crackers gain access to company network through compromised machine. These two incidents have the exact same security hole, the MS Windows, and we hear and see these kind of security breach all the time on MS platform, yet no one seems to care.

Of course there is no FMCSA equivalent in IT world, if we have such an organization make strict security rules for using computers to access information high way(Internet), and people who use insecure products will be prosecuted if they caused damages to other people(such as propagate malware/virus), the Internet probably will be a much safer place to go. Being a responsible person, I believe we can do what we can do improve the situation, the first thing to do is to learn the basic safety rules of using a computer to access Internet, if you’re running Windows, you have to install all kinds of anti malware/virus tools, and most of times you may have to pay for these services, if you don’t how to do that you can consult Windows expert about this security thingy. Of course as long as you’re running MS Windows, you’re in danger of being compromised or already compromised but you don’t know it, ever wonder where are those spams come from? Not only MS platform, all closed applications have the same vulnerability, which is “CLOSED”, so no outsider can look into the code to spot the problem, the closed entity always has limited resource to seek and fix most the bugs.

What can we do now? Since being “CLOSED” always brings problems, “OPEN” comes to rescue. Being “OPEN” means being watched by the world, not selected a few, this way the problems will be spotted as soon as possible and the fix will be prompt, just the way we see in the Open Source world. I am not going into details here, just judge from our own experience. In 9 years we don’t have one security incident, no malware, no virus, no security breach, no mysterious system problems, we even have a few destops from 2000 which are still working great, how is this possible, you ask? It’s actually very simple, we only use free(as in speech) and open(as in source code) software on our computers, the OS is GNU/Linux, we’re running a few different flavors of Linux, U/ Kubutu, Fedora, CentOS,  etc., we’re really happy with what we can do and what we can get with system we choose, most important is the peace of mind, you know those mysterious security breaches won’t happen to your system is priceless.

Here at www.mfrexpress.com we take our own and people’s safety very serious, we only sell high quality tie down products, and we ony run secure systems on our hardware, we want to protect both ourselves and customers from being harmed by bad products, both in IT and Trucking area.

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